How to Avoid Credit Repair Fraud

Some people find out that they have inadequate credit at the very worst time when they truly need it the most. If you’re desperate for a quick fix, this is the moment when fraudsters present you with a credit repair offer that promises you the moon.

A common scam on the Internet today is claiming that the scammers know people in the offices who can persuade them to remove unsatisfactory points from your reports.

They may know people who work in the authorities, but no one will risk their job to delete things from your file just because someone has asked them to do it for a stranger.

The only time a credit report can be fixed is when something turns out to be wrong. But you can take care of those yourself. All you have to do is report it, and if found to be really wrong, it will be fixed.

Companies that make this claim to you are more likely to take your money and run. No company should take money until it has actually done what it said it would do.

If a company tells you that they know how to convince the offices that you are not really at fault, beware because this another common scam. The truth is, if you really are guilty of the debt, there is nothing you can do about it.

The company that promises you this will either take the money and run away or make a feeble attempt to resolve it and then charge you anyway. No debt can be removed from a report unless it is proven to be false or too old to be included in the reports.

Another common scam to watch out for is companies claiming they can turn the entire credit file into one good, clean file. I’m sorry, that’s not really going to happen. Your debt remains there, and any activity you undertake will be listed in the reports.

There’s no real way to get a clean record without paying your debts and paying your bills on time. Some companies even offer credit through their credit repair services.

Don’t fall for it. A legitimate company will fix what really needs fixing, and that’s it. If you need a loan, you should do it yourself. Watch out for the 900 number scams.

If a company asks you to call a 900 number to get more information about its services, run away. 900 numbers will normally charge you per minute for the call.

Some companies correct false information in your credit reports, but it’s best to try to correct them yourself. The simple thing to do is report the mistake by letter or e-mail and the agency will investigate and correct your report for you.

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