Repairing Your Credit in Time for a Home Loan

Let’s say you are looking for a new home and would like to apply for a home loan to get the dream home you have always wanted. You are devastated when you learn that your loan has been turned down or the interest on the loan has skyrocketed. What can you do? The reason for […]

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How to Avoid Credit Repair Fraud

Some people find out that they have inadequate credit at the very worst time when they truly need it the most. If you’re desperate for a quick fix, this is the moment when fraudsters present you with a credit repair offer that promises you the moon. A common scam on the Internet today is claiming […]

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Why Credit Scores Differ With All Three Agencies

It has always been said that you should check your credit reports regularly to ensure that all information on them is correct. If you have purchased your credit reports before, you may have noticed that the three agencies that monitor your credit score all have different credit ratings for you. Why is this so? Below […]

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Your Annual Entitlement to All Three Credit Reports

The Fair Credit Information Act was introduced to protect all consumers by giving them free access to their credit information every 12 months and designed to allow consumers to view their reports free of charge and to challenge any inaccurate data relating to them. The Fair Credit Information Act covers consumers because of their private […]

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Instant Tips to Fix Your Credit

Emergencies and carelessness often lead to our creditworthiness going downhill. Lowering our scores makes borrowing and lending a big nuisance, as these lenders see you as a high risk for paying back potential debt to them. You can extend the loan or credit, but at higher interest rates. There are ways to get back the […]

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